Shark Fitness Center

Shark Fitness Center

What do you like about your gym?

Customer dedicated reception staff. 

I feel really comfortable and welcome there. 

It has a huge area roped off for Body weight exercises and olympic lifting.

I love all the variety of machines, classes, the pool, sauna, boxing and even the hot tub massage I end my workouts with. 

I love how mine is open 24-7. Plenty of space and equipment, not many posers and great motivating and helpful supporting staff. It is kept exceptionally clean. 

Nothing other than I'm a college student on a budget... so the fact its cheap.

When I'm there, I'm in the zone, nothing else matters. No interruptions, no distractions. Just me and my goals. 

Not talk about whatever crap going on. I also love the row of tvs and how I can plug my headphones into any cardio machine to listen. 

Since water workouts are best for me, I love the pools and the hot tubs for soaking afterward. 

That You have mirrors on the walls, can see every move. 

It's always spotlessly clean, broken equipment is removed/fixed right away, and best of all, We've Loads of plates, Great Machines, barbells, weights, cable machines, and the dumbbells go up to about 70kg. 

I like my gym for a few reasons...Gym owner is a former Power lifter.





SHARK FITNESS CENTER was established in 2001, It offers the latest equipment and services, SHARK FITNESS CENTER helps all kinds of people achieve their individual potential through;

Latest Cardiovascular and Strength Equipments

A broad range of different types of exercise equipments are available, including


  • Cardiovascular - Treadmills, Elliptical, Vertical Climbers, Recumbent Bikes and many more
  • Free weights such as dumbbells, barbells
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming pool, Sauna bath, Steam Bath, Jaccuzi
  • Free Weight Machines
  • Cable Cross Machines, Freedom Trainers
  • Smith Machines and Power racks
  • Hygienic Food Cafe
  • Dietary Supplements Shop
  • New classes - Karate





 Membership Fee

One Month           @ 30 KWD

Two Months         @ 45 KWD

Three Months      @ 60 KWD

One Year              @ 200 KWD



Fitness Center Timings

Sunday through Thursday 6.00 am - 2.00 am

Friday 3.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Saturday 10.00 am - 12.00 am



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